joyn Essentials Flow

joyn Essentials Flow

This series of flows invites anyone, anywhere to connect with your body, breath, and joy! Get to know all the ways your body can move as you’re guided through a series of accessible yoga, dance, and meditation classes created with you in mind. Sign-up today for your joyn membership to access our full library of joyful movement videos!

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joyn Essentials Flow
  • Mindful Meditation: Love & Kindness (14 mins)

  • Energizing Flow (9 mins)

  • Sultry Stretch (10 mins)

  • Intro to Waacking (13 mins)

    Kumari Suraj is here to teach you the vibrant and liberatory legacy of waacking! This culture-defining dance originated in the queer community of 1970s Los Angeles. It’s hard to imagine a more freeing, joyful movement!

    Kumari says it best, “The whole point of waacking is to be free, embrace you...

  • Side Bends & Twists Yoga (10 mins)

    Join Anna for a 10-minute mobility flow yoga class focused on side bends and twists. This class can be done lying down, seated, or standing.

  • Up and At It (10-min kick start to the day)

    This class was created to come together in free, joyful movement. These energetic dance classes can be done lying down, seated, or standing. Take your time and do what feels good for you - there is no wrong way to participate!

  • Water Up, Fire Down: 3 Treasures of Life (13 mins)

    In this unique Brain Education series Collette will guide you through simple, impactful techniques for brain and body connectivity. This energy-based movement series is created to help you develop increased awareness and focus, as well as cultivate stability and calm. We encourage you to notice h...

  • Tiare (10 mins)

    This class was created for you to share in Lei’s passion for hula dance. You’re invited to celebrate the beauty of hula as she takes you through each joyful movement. This class can be done laying down, seated, or standing.

  • Meditation: Grounding (10 mins)

    Anna will guide you through two Yoga Nidra meditations. Yoga Nidra is an accessible practice also known as yogic sleep. Find a comfortable position lying down or seated and allow yourself to rest.

  • Restorative Pilates (10 mins)

    This series of restorative pilates classes is designed to support mobility, balance, and strength. Go at your own pace and have fun!

  • 1, 2, Step (10 mins)

    In this low-impact, high-energy series both body and spirit will be moved by the soulful style of Akua! These classes are inspired by Akua’s love of the funky grooves she grew up on - get ready for a joyful movement practice that really gets down!