Our meditation and brain education programming has been intentionally selected for you to connect your body, mind, and spirit. These flows focus on cultivating peace and loving-kindness within yourself. Find support on your joyful movement journey with tools to help you embrace the body you’re in!

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  • Lower Body Joints

    Getbright Moves U - Lower Body Joints

    15 minutes of opening lower body joints including hips, knees and ankles. The short session ends with
    a gentle deeper breathing focus to accumulate energy in the lower body.

  • Chest Breathing

    Getbright Moves U - Chest Breathing

    20 minutes of focused chest breathing. This flow of movements will enable circulation and relaxed sense in the chest area. The session finishes with a guided counting of breaths to deepen the sense of the breath in chest area.

  • Surrender

    15 minutes of practicing the art of 'surrender' or to open mind. This seated meditation is deigned to support you to accept thoughts and emotions as they are through the breath. This modality moves you to be aware of the mind habits and encourages healthy breathing and a deeper connection to your...

  • Tap + Twist

    30 minutes guided standing or seated movements to activate circulation through gentle tapping and twisting movements. You will feel lighter and more open as the energy is activated through guided movement for all levels. The session closes with deep breathing and accumulating energy in core.

  • Activate & Accumulate

    30 minutes guided and seated movements to open up spine, activate circulation and strengthen core power. This sequence of movements is for all levels. It is simple yet powerful and you will feel a deep sense of self and relaxation.

  • Feel Ocean Energy

    This gentle and relaxing seated meditation guides you to feel waves of relaxing energy move throughout your body and create a deep sense of inner peace. 

  • Manage Focus

    Standing postures with simple movements to enable circulation throughout the body and ending with accumulating energy in abdomen area for increased focus.

  • Cultivating Inner Peace

    If you are feeling like everything feels all stirred up, there is no space for rest and things feel chaotic, this class is for you. Take this 20 minute visualization meditation to cultivate a well of peace within you that you can tap into anytime you are feeling overwhelmed. Come take a seat with...

  • Tapping as a Self-Care Tool

    Tapping the body can help to activate / stimulate energy points in the body, it can support you in integrating emotion and energy states, it can also sooth the nervous system. Join me in this general tapping practice to get into your body and into a space of deep integration with this tapping tool!

  • Manage Anxiety

    A series of gentle standing movements and breathing that can help you manage stress and anxiety in a healthy way, day to day

  • Deep Relax & Sleep Guide

    A short audio only guide that can support you relaxing into deep sleep. This guide can be by your bedside to support slowing your breathing pace quietly with simple motions in seated or laying down posture.

  • In Nature

    This short video demonstrates how to connect the nature inside our bodies to outside nature. It is a short session to help you breathe deeper and experience the full benefits of being in nature whilst tuning into your breath.

  • Upper Body Movement

    This short video is a deep relaxation to empty emotions and thoughts in the upper body area. Through relaxing the upper body, the body restores it's natural state of water up and fire down or simply put, cool head and warm abdomen area. 

  • Getbright Moves U

    Seated and simple guided movement to bring the breath from shallow chest to deeper abdomen breathing

  • Grounding Meditation with Anna Chapman

    Feeling like you can’t quite settle? Emotions and thoughts all over the place? You are not alone, join me in a grounding meditation to find internal stillness and a sense of deep support.

  • Bad Body Day Meditation with Anna Chapman

    Sometimes having a body is really hard! If you are recovering for an ED or just having one of those really hard days try this practice out! Give yourself some space, and remember that your body is not a problem to be solved, but a life long companion!

  • Today is MY DAY Meditation with Anna Chapman

    Join me in a sweet ritual to start your day! Together we will envision what we want to invite into our day. Through intention, gratitude, and a new found sense of openness we invite the mystery of what today could bring!

  • Mindful Meditation: Meditating (13 mins)

  • Meditation: Walking (14 mins)

  • Mindful Meditation: Love & Kindness (14 mins)

  • Mindful Meditation: Peace & Calm (11 mins)

  • Meditation: Yoga Nidra for Destressing

    Anna will guide you through a 10-minute Yoga Nidra Intention meditation for destressing. Yoga Nidra is an accessible practice also known as yogic sleep. This restful practice is best done seated or lying down.

  • Meditation: Yoga Nidra Intention (12 mins)

    Anna will guide you through a 12-minute Yoga Nidra Intention meditation. Yoga Nidra is an accessible practice also known as yogic sleep. This restful practice is best done seated or lying down.

  • Meditation: Grounding (10 mins)

    Anna will guide you through two Yoga Nidra meditations. Yoga Nidra is an accessible practice also known as yogic sleep. Find a comfortable position lying down or seated and allow yourself to rest.