Watch this video and more on joyn

Watch this video and more on joyn

Feel Ocean Energy

Meditation • 22m

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  • Manage Focus

    Standing postures with simple movements to enable circulation throughout the body and ending with accumulating energy in abdomen area for increased focus.

  • Cultivating Inner Peace

    If you are feeling like everything feels all stirred up, there is no space for rest and things feel chaotic, this class is for you. Take this 20 minute visualization meditation to cultivate a well of peace within you that you can tap into anytime you are feeling overwhelmed. Come take a seat with...

  • Tapping as a Self-Care Tool

    Tapping the body can help to activate / stimulate energy points in the body, it can support you in integrating emotion and energy states, it can also sooth the nervous system. Join me in this general tapping practice to get into your body and into a space of deep integration with this tapping tool!

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