Meet Your Teachers

Meet Your Teachers

Our inspiring teachers have created thriving communities built around fat positive movement practice. These movement leaders are here to support your journey. We want to share their stories with you.

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Meet Your Teachers
  • Meet Anna

    Anna is the founder of Body Love Yoga. She believes yoga should be accessible to all bodies. Her practice centers compassionate, fat-positive movement.

    Explore Yoga with Anna here:
    Try Meditation with Anna here:

  • Meet Tyra

    Tyra is the creator of My People’s Cardio, a community-oriented practice incorporating dance and pilates. She is inspired to create space where all people can find freedom in music and movement.

    Explore My Peoples Cardio with Tyra here:
    Try Restorative Pil...

  • Meet Summer

    Summer is the founder of Fat Girls Hiking. She is dedicated to creating space for those underrepresented in the outdoors. Her movement practice focuses on body liberation and healing through accessible nature.

    Explore walking meditations with Summer here:

  • Meet Lei

    Lei is a lifelong dancer, studying hula since 2007. Her movement practice is shaped by her connection to her heritage and the community she builds through her deep love of dance.

    Explore Pacific infusions Dance with Lei here:

  • Meet Collette

    Collette has been studying the body and brain connection for over 12 years. Her movement practice is based in brain education, energy work, and mindfulness.

    Explore Brain Education with Collette here:

  • Meet Akua

    Meet Akua, the teacher, advocate, and creator of Move n Groove.