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Keep up with the most recent classes so that you can keep your movement practice fresh.

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  • Breath on the Bay

    This is an easy going class that will focus on balance through a number of standing postures, leaving you feeling a little taller and more confident.

  • Move N Groove

    15 minutes of movement with soulful beats.

  • Chair Yoga Magic Intro

    Welcome to your new Chair Yoga Magic series with Anna! In this series we will get super comfortable moving from the chair and finding poses that make us feel empowered, flexible, and grounded on our bodies all from the chair! Join me for one or all of these classes as we explore and breakdown pos...

  • Chair Yoga Magic Session 1

    Today we are getting comfy on the chair! Finding our flow, working some core stabilization, body rolling, breath work, and restorative tools for releasing the fascia!!

  • Letting Go

    30 minutes deep meditation seated in comfortable posture. This guided movement is deigned to support you to let go of thoughts and emotions gently and to invite fresh energy to circulate by connecting breath, focus and posture- you will feel a deeper connection with your inner landscape. The ses...

  • Sunrise Beach

    This 20-minute slow flow class will move you through some sun salutations and gentle movement to wake-up your body and start your day with a boost of energy.

  • Ocean Breath Flow

  • Focused Power 2.1

    Interval Focus (.1) Base Level. HIIT-inspired cardio workout.

  • Focused Power 2.2

    Interval Focus (.2) Mid Level. HIIT-inspired cardio workout.

  • Focused Power 2.3

    Interval Focus (.3) Intensified Level. HIIT-inspired cardio workout.

  • Tap + Twist

    30 minutes guided standing or seated movements to activate circulation through gentle tapping and twisting movements. You will feel lighter and more open as the energy is activated through guided movement for all levels. The session closes with deep breathing and accumulating energy in core.

  • Hip Hop with Lei - Issa Mood

    The title speaks for itself. This is a smooth, island kine mood. I was feeling myself when I created this playlist. I hope you are feeling yourself with all the grooves and moves.

  • Focused Power 1.1

    Lower Power (.1) Base Level. Lower body strengthening workout.

  • Focused Power 1.2

    Lower Power (.2) Mid Level. Lower body strengthening workout

  • Focused Power 1.3

    Lower Power (.3) Intensified Level. Lower body strengthening workout.

  • Hip Hop with Lei - Go Getter

    Just to get your body warmed up! We are going to take the two step and play with it! All levels for this fun movement. We will start nice and easy then get our bodies movin.

  • Goddess Flow

    30-minute energy building flow with a special focus on opening and strengthening the pelvic and hip area of the body.

  • Hip Hop with Lei - We Sway

    This is a high energy movement we are doing all in the chair! Whether you are standing or sitting, this will get you moving and glowing after class. It just all fun! I like to call this my happy dances!

  • One Down Dog Grounding Flow

    Melt the stress away with me in my garden. This is a grounding and relaxing mostly standing and wrist-free flow with one optional downward facing dog.

  • Hands & Shoulder Joints

    20 minutes of relaxing connection to nature and focusing on relieving stress in shoulders and hand joints. This session focuses on high tension areas in the shoulders and hands. Circulations and blood flow can be activated to relieve tightness in hands, fingers and shoulders where we hold a lot o...

  • Hip Hop with Lei - Cruisin

    This is a seated cruise and groove dance you can do anywhere! I dance a lot in my car so it inspired me to do this video. I hope you have fun with this one. Let’s take a ride!

  • Jive & Vibe

    30 minutes guided standing or seated movements to create vibration and circulation in the body through simple movements. This will awaken your inner energy system and create a harmonious feeling throughout the whole body. You will feel a deep sense of peace and openness.

  • Activate & Accumulate

    30 minutes guided and seated movements to open up spine, activate circulation and strengthen core power. This sequence of movements is for all levels. It is simple yet powerful and you will feel a deep sense of self and relaxation.

  • Wrist Free Standing Flow

    This is an energetic standing flow, perfect if you struggle with wrist pain or if you're looking to challenge yourself in a new way.