Watch this video and more on joyn

Watch this video and more on joyn

One Down Dog Grounding Flow

New Content • 23m

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  • Hands & Shoulder Joints

    20 minutes of relaxing connection to nature and focusing on relieving stress in shoulders and hand joints. This session focuses on high tension areas in the shoulders and hands. Circulations and blood flow can be activated to relieve tightness in hands, fingers and shoulders where we hold a lot o...

  • Hip Hop with Lei - Cruisin

    This is a seated cruise and groove dance you can do anywhere! I dance a lot in my car so it inspired me to do this video. I hope you have fun with this one. Let’s take a ride!

  • Jive & Vibe

    30 minutes guided standing or seated movements to create vibration and circulation in the body through simple movements. This will awaken your inner energy system and create a harmonious feeling throughout the whole body. You will feel a deep sense of peace and openness.