This yoga-informed movement series is designed to help you walk through life with more comfort and mobility. You’re invited to move at your own pace as you take this time for yourself to rebuild your relationship with your body, breath, and mind.
Practice lying down, seated, or standing.

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  • Mood Shifter

    In this class we will build some heat pretty and work our upper body strength. We will begin building heat very early and will be up and down for the majority of class. This is a great way to flip perspective/mood, and allow difficult energy move through more freely through you when you're feelin...

  • Upper Body Release

    This class is well suited or anyone with tight shoulders, sensitive wrists. We will focus on the upper body - opening the shoulders and gently building strength in the arms and wrists.

  • At Your Desk

    When you're stuck at your desk and you need a moment to refocus and re-center without having to change clothes or roll out your mat.

  • Chair Yoga Magic Session 3: Warrior Power!

    Chair Yoga Magic Session 3: Warrior Power!

    Today we are finding our chair warrior and peaceful warrior pose. We also break down a fun chair supported downward facing dog, and focus on finding that personal power.
    Props needed: Chair

  • Chair Yoga Magic Session 2

    Chair Yoga Magic : Take that space!
    Today we are twisting, bending, extending, and taking space. Finding ways to get into new pockets of sensation in the body. Supporting the spine as we practice restorative backhanding. And releasing stagnated energy through spinal twists.

  • Chair Yoga Magic Session 1

    Today we are getting comfy on the chair! Finding our flow, working some core stabilization, body rolling, breath work, and restorative tools for releasing the fascia!!

  • Chair Yoga Magic Intro

    Welcome to your new Chair Yoga Magic series with Anna! In this series we will get super comfortable moving from the chair and finding poses that make us feel empowered, flexible, and grounded on our bodies all from the chair! Join me for one or all of these classes as we explore and breakdown pos...

  • Sunrise Beach

    This 20-minute slow flow class will move you through some sun salutations and gentle movement to wake-up your body and start your day with a boost of energy.

  • Ocean Breath Flow

  • Goddess Flow

    30-minute energy building flow with a special focus on opening and strengthening the pelvic and hip area of the body.

  • One Down Dog Grounding Flow

    Melt the stress away with me in my garden. This is a grounding and relaxing mostly standing and wrist-free flow with one optional downward facing dog.

  • Wrist Free Standing Flow

    This is an energetic standing flow, perfect if you struggle with wrist pain or if you're looking to challenge yourself in a new way. 

  • Body Connection Gentle Flow

    This practice will help you reconnect with your body from a loving and nurturing perspective. Exploring the heart, the hips and the comforting sensation of gentle touch.

  • Standing Energizing Flow

    Use this quick class to start your day with some energy and embodiment! We will be finding some gentle energizing postures and movements to get our bodies ready for whatever is coming up next! This class can be done seated or standing, or a mix of both! Take 10 minutes of energizing self-care for...

  • Seated Energizing Flow

    Use this quick class to start your day with some energy, embodiment, and flow! We will moving through energizing postures and movements to get our bodies ready for whatever comes our way! Take the next 10 minutes of energizing self-care, just for you!

  • Unfold & Unwind

    This gentle class offers seated and standing postures that will help decompress your trunk and and lower body. Perfect if you're looking to unwind and reconnect to your body after a long day.

  • Strong Hips

    This class is all about hip strengthening and mobility - we will work through some movement to improve hip strength and stability and of course we'll get into some light hip openers as well. Your hips will be so pleased after this sequence. 

  • Pick Me Up

    This is a moderately paced dynamic flow class. We will focus on moving and lengthening the entire body with loving intention and breath. A great class if you're feeling stuffy in your body and need to shake the cob webs out.

  • Making Space & Finding Balance

    In this class we will focus on building strength, decompressing the side body and activating the core. You will be encouraged to engage in a loving conversation with your body through movement and breath.

  • Chair flow with Tyra

    Sometimes you want to flow from a more stable place. This chair flow can lift you up and also help you to wind down. Enjoy the journey

  • Quick Restart

    Who needs coffee when you can take 10 minutes to yourself on your mat?. This class is the perfect pick-me-up to help reset, build gentle heat, and flip your perspective through dynamic movement and light breathwork.

  • A Practice in Letting Go

    Sometimes it’s hard to be with all of the twists and turns life throws at us. In this gentle movement practice we will physically practice the art of letting go, using our breath to help slow us down, take this time to reconnect with YOU!

  • Sweet Ease in Practice

    No matter if you are new to movement, easing back in after taking some time, or just easing into your day this practice is for you! Take this time to connect with yourself, your breath, and most importantly... your sweet body. This practice can be done from the floor, or a bed.

  • Energizing Flow (9 mins)