Watch this video and more on joyn

Watch this video and more on joyn

Seated Energizing Flow

Yoga • 12m

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  • Unfold & Unwind

    This gentle class offers seated and standing postures that will help decompress your trunk and and lower body. Perfect if you're looking to unwind and reconnect to your body after a long day.

  • Strong Hips

    This class is all about hip strengthening and mobility - we will work through some movement to improve hip strength and stability and of course we'll get into some light hip openers as well. Your hips will be so pleased after this sequence. 

  • Pick Me Up

    This is a moderately paced dynamic flow class. We will focus on moving and lengthening the entire body with loving intention and breath. A great class if you're feeling stuffy in your body and need to shake the cob webs out.